The widows guide to sex and dating a novel

After six months of widowhood, Claire is anxious to “get laid,” so she goes on three failed dates, one with a successful journalist, one with a billionaire and, finally, one with a hockey star.She meets and flirts with Jack at the opening of one of his films but gets drunk and ends up sleeping with the co-star (think Bradley Cooper instead of George Clooney, poor girl).CR: Like all characters in novels they are both real and imagined. She is certainly part of me, perhaps the essence of me and my imagination. But inspiration knows no gender because Charlie is also a part of me. CR: Writing a novel was much different than writing my memoir.For one thing, we are both neurotically obsessed with all things sexual. Writing requires calm and introspection; two things RHONY is not. With my first book I had a very good sense of where I would start and how I would end.The title is tongue-in-cheek, so you won't find yourself delving into deep grief issues.Instead, you will be carving out time to lose yourself in this splendid novel.Although the nine-year marriage lacked passion, Claire finds herself at sea.Not that she’s anyone’s average widow; she lives in a gorgeous apartment and is gorgeous herself.

I was interested in creating a man that every women could immediately identify whether they had ever met a movie star or not. KM: I'm often curious how authors select names for their characters. CR: It's such a good question because a name can be everything and they are more difficult then one imagines. I looked at Aldous' Huxley's family tree and it would be quite plausible that he'd have a nephew of Jack's age.

Here is a part of my interview: Kristin Meekhof (KM): You write in your book, "The first year of widowhood is specifically set aside for awkwardness." Did you talk with other widows about their first year experiences, post loss? And its not a bonding experience with other girlfriends in the way divorce may be. KM: Jack seems perfect -- a hero at just the right time to enter a vulnerable widow's life.

Carole Radziwill (CR): I spoke to young widows about their first year and we all had similar experiences. Widows are looking for comfort after a tragic event, like a husband's death. It would be wise advice to avoid a Jack Huxley if you are feeling vulnerable or looking for comfort.

There's the affair he was having, the book he was writing, and the life apart from Claire that he was actively living.

Suddenly widowed, Claire attempts to navigate the awkward waters of widowhood and dating with the help of well-meaning friends. On July 16, 1999, John Kennedy Jr., and his wife Carolyn died in a plane crash. Radziwill's husband died after a long battle with cancer. Radziwill and I talked, she was open about the difficult and tragic deaths, and also very grounded.

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